Coastal Choice Financial Services is your Gold Coast Finance Specialist! Coastal Choice provides individually tailored financial strategies as part of your Mentoring Action Plan (MAP), derived from an in-depth analysis of your current financial position and identification of personal wellbeing and financial goals. To become financially secure and debt free takes solid planning, discipline and constant reviewing. Coastal Choice provides ongoing personalised mentoring to ensure you stay on track and ultimately reach your goals.

Our dedicated team can assist you to begin your Mentoring Action Plan today with the following lending solutions;

  • Home and Investment Loans
  • Loan consolidation
  • Equity Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Vehicle or Equipment Finance

Debt Reduction Strategies

From a young age, we are all conditioned by the banks to do our banking a certain way… the way that maximises the profit for the bank! Banks will generally structure a home loan for a 25 or 30 year term to maximise the interest payments they will receive. What they don’t provide, is the education on how to reverse this process!

Coastal Choice will provide you with the straightforward tools to minimise your interest charges and fees, reducing the term of your loans and save you thousands. Our 5 Step Debt Reduction process uses the banks own business principles on making money and you’ll learn how to use it to your advantage to save money! Thinking of investment in property? Learn how an investment property can accelerate your debt reduction and pay your home off even sooner…Coastal Choice, you local Gold Coast Finance Specialist.